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Brick wall demolition

18 Sep 2011


Not sure how I overlooked this before. This is from the 1860 Danish census, taken about 4 years before Hans was born. Hans’s parents are listed on his marriage record as Peter HANSEN and Carrie ANDERSEN.

Anne Kirstine Marie HANSEN later married Rasmus HANSEN; Anders Christian HANSEN was their son β€” Hans’s nephew.

In 1880 Jens HANSEN and Hansine HANSEN are living in the household of the widow Karen Dorthea ANDERSEN. Jens is described as a “relative” of Karen and Hansine as Jens’s wife. I’m guessing Jens is specifically Karen’s son in law, and Hansine is her daughter β€” thereby Hans’s sister. Then their sons August, Jens, and Einar are also Hans’s nephews. That part (Hansine’s relationshiop to Peter and Karen) needs verifying. The 1870 census might do it, but they haven’t even started transcribing it for Lumby.

But that’s secondary… the proven relationship between Peter and Karen and Anders Christian, combined with the names on Hans’s marriage record, is proof enough for me that the couple shown here are my great great grandparents.

Not bad for three nights’ work on the Internet, preceded by 15 years of getting nowhere.



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  1. Oh, and there’s an 1850 census record showing Karen Dorthea ANDERSEN living with her parents, Anders HANSEN and Kirstine Marie CHRISTIANSDATTER, my great^3 grandparents.

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