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Bricks falling like bricks

18 Sep 2011

Yikes! I’m up at this insane hour because I’ve been finding stuff. I’ve gone back to the Danish Demographic Database armed with new information. I’ve found August HANSEN’s emigration record, and I’ve found August, Jens, Einar, and Anders Christian in the Danish census.

It appears Christian wasn’t a brother of the others after all. He turns up as a 6 year old in 1890 in Odense, Lunde, Lumby, Stige, with parents Rasmus Jørgen HANSEN and Anne Kirstine Marie HANSEN. (It doesn’t say Rasmus in the 1930 US census, or Erasmus either. Esamus is still my best guess at what they were trying to write.) Rasmus I find as early as 1850, age 2, also in in Odense, Lunde, Lumby, Stige, son of Hans HANSEN and Ane ANDREASDATTER.

Meanwhile August, Jens, and Einar show up as children of Jens and Hansine HANSEN. (Jens’s marriage record, under the name of John HANSEN, gives his parents as John HANSEN and Annie HANSEN.)

Jens I find back to 1880, in the household of Karen Dorthea ANDERSEN — it says she’s a relative. He is living in Odense, Lundy, Lumby, Stige in 1880 and 1921 though in between he’s in Odense, Lunde, Lumby, Hauge, and his birthplace is shown as Haastrup Sogn, Svendborg Amt. The only other entry for Karen Dorthea is in Stige in 1850, age 15, daughter of Anders Hansen and Kirstine Marei Christiansdatter. Her birthplace is Ubberud Sogn, Odense Amt.

I still can’t find anyone I’m convinced is my great grandfather Hans HANSEN, nor am I sure how I’d know if I did find him. I haven’t found Jens at age less than 22, so don’t know who his parents were, and I don’t know how Karen Dorthea was related. And I can’t find how to link Anders Christian with August, Jens, and Einar. I guess it’s possible the Christian I found in Norwalk isn’t the one spoken of in the Chatham Courier, or that he is but he wasn’t really a nephew of Hans, just a friend of the family with the same (common) surname and same or nearby birthplace.

Still, if Jens really was Hans’s brother, I must be getting close.



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