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Jerome’s address list, annotated

3 Nov 2012

I’ve been going through the address list from Jerome HOLMES’s 1893 diary, trying to figure out who each person was, with a pretty good success rate. There are some I can’t identify in e.g. the census records, or that I can identify but can’t figure out what their connection to Jerome was, but there are a lot I can. My annotated transcript is below, or for a prettier version as a PDF file look here: Jerome’s address list. Leave a comment if you have any corrections or further information!

Jerome Holmes’s 1893 address list

Entry Notes
Miles Newton
106 South St
Elgin Ill
Alvin Miles NEWTON was husband of Maria COLLINS, sister of Jerome’s wife Ruth Oliva COLLINS.
J. C. Holmes
Dows Wright Co.
(Crossed out.) John Cook HOLMES was son of Jerome.
E. S. Davis
Box 257
First initial uncertain. Can’t find in census.
Bert Cook
Norwich Box 1417
(Crossed out.) Adelbert COOK was (out of wedlock) son of Nancy COOK, sister of Jerome’s mother Rhoda S. COOK.
Corydon W. Holmes
Franklin Co. Kansas
Son of Peter HOLMES, who is believed (partly on the basis of Corydon and Lovilo’s appearance in this list) to have been a brother of Jerome’s father, Hiram HOLMES.
Lovilo N. Holmes
Blue Earth Co., Miss.
Another son of Peter HOLMES.
Sabina Dewey
South Byron
Genesee Co. N.Y.
There are several DEWEYs, but  not Sabina, in Byron in the 1880 census. Perhaps this was Mary S. DEWEY, wife of Henry H. DEWEY, living in Byron in 1870. By 1880 she was about 5 miles away in Elba, a widow. living with George W. and Mary DUNN.

“HENRY HOBART DEWEY, son of Charles Grandison, b. March 29, 1835, at Alford, Mass.; d. June 12, 1871, ag. 36, of erysipelas, at Byron, N. Y., where he had lived; m. Nov. 26, 1861, at Elba, N. Y., MARY S. DUNN, dau. of George and Mary (Ballard), b. Nov. 10, 1840, at Byron, N. Y. ; there d. Dec. 26, 1895, ag. 55, of pneumonia.” (source)

Oliva’s mother was Anna DUNN, daughter of John and Ruth (RECORD). So this could be the connection though it would be remote; Oliva and Mary S. could have been no closer than second cousins.

Mrs R. M. Palmer
Box 314
Sherburne N.Y.
Russel M. PALMER was in Hamilton in 1850, 1860 (as Miles R. PALMER), 1870, 1875, and 1880. He was born around 1847. Parents Miles and Lucinda PALMER. In the 1875 census Russel PALMER’s household was the second one listed after Jerome’s. His wife was Hulda M. PALMER and I do not see her in 1892 or 1900 but in 1910, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1930 she was living in Sherburne.
John Fields
Fairfield Oneida Co.
G[ame] P[] in 8 D[ist]
Can’t read third line. A John B. FIELDS lived in Fairfield, Herkimer County in 1892, 1900, 1910. Born April 1846. Wife Adeline. His parents born England, hers New York. Can’t find them with certainty before 1892, no sign they were in Hamilton. Frequent mention in newspapers, apparently active in politics.
Clarence Holmes
Box 531
(Crossed out.) Clarence HOLMES was Jerome’s son.
Mrs. Col. Burr
Allegany Co. N.Y.
Col. Allen L. Burr was in 189th NY Vols.
Arnold Pope
Lenawee Junction
Lenawee Co. Mich.
A former neighbor of Jerome’s. Father Horatio POPE sold land to Jerome in 1856. Horatio POPE’s wife was Diana STOWELL, sister of Rachel STOWELL who married Jerome’s brother Peter HOLMES. (Diana was raised by THAYERs after her mother died and was also known as Diana THAYER.)
Adolphus Newton
Eatons feed store Norwich
Born about 1856. Parents John R. NEWTON, Catherine J. HOWE. Wife Florence Eliza TUCKER.
A. J. Root
Medina Ohio
Amos J. ROOT born about 1840. Parents Samuel ROOT and Louisa born in CT and NY.

From Scientific American, 1860:
“MEND YOUR OWN TINWARE.—ROOT’S SOLdering Implements ; a new and novel process of Soldering on metals, requiring no large and clumsy irons, but the process is so simple that any person can mend their own tinware (even If rusty), brass and copper kettles, Jewelry, &c. Implements and materials, with full printed instructions, put up in packages, and mailed to any address on receipt of 25 cents. Agents wanted. Address AMOS J. ROOT, Medina, Ohio.

James J. Belden
Member of the House of Representatives. (Wikipedia)

Distantly related to Jerome’s daughter-in-law-to-be, Mary Alice BELDEN (married Clarence in 1896); common ancestor in early 1600s.

Henry S. Lee
In 1836, twenty-two years after the establishment of the Springfield Bank, the second bank in Springfield, the Chicopee Bank, was started. …
The presidents have been, besides George Bliss, Samuel Raynolds elected in 1846: Philo F. Wilcox, 1850; James D. Brewer, 1865; Henry S. Lee, 1866; Henry Fuller, Jr., 1869, and Horace Smith, who now holds the office, in 1887. In 1890, the office of vice-president was created, Andrew J. McIntosh being elected, and the present incumbent, he being the senior member of the firm of McIntosh & Co. There have been only four cashiers; Henry Seymour, 1836; B. Frank Warner, Jr., 1841; Thomas Warner, Jr., 1856, and Arthur B. West, 1879. The directors of the bank are Horace Smith, Henry S. Lee, George L. Wright, Noyes W. Fisk, Varnum N. Taylor, Andrew J. McIntosh and Arthur B. West. Mr. Smith, the president, has spent the greater part of his life in the city, and until within a few years was associated with D. B. Wesson in the manufacture of fire-arms, the partnership dating from 1852.” (source)I have no idea what connection Jerome had with this bank — unless Horace SMITH was related to Jerome’s aunt Harriet SMITH (wife of Jabez HOLMES) and/or his possible uncle Edwin F. SMITH.
Arthur B. West
Trustee of H Smith
of Springfield Mass.
See above.
Mrs. M Hendrick
Peach Belt
Allegan Co., Mich.
Peach Belt was a post office in Ganges township. In Ganges in 1880 there were two HENDRYX households but no males with first inital M nor any widows. There are people with variants of HENDRICK name elsewhere in the county, but again no obvious candidates for a “Mrs. M. HENDRICK”. In Ganges the heads of household and their wives were Waterbury M. HENDRYX (b. ca. 1810, NY; both parents born CT) and wife Emeline (b. ca. 1846, NY; both parents born NY) and his son Waterbury HENDRYX (b. ca. 1840, MI, both parents born NY) and wife Matilda (b. ca. 1838, NY, father born VT, mother born NY). By 1885 the younger Waterbury was in South Dakota. The elder had apparently remarried between 1860 and 1870; first wife was Betsy, born ca 1811, NY. The family was in MI by 1840; Waterbury does not appear as head of household in 1830. The HENDRICKS name (spelled that way) is found in Hamilton in 1860 but not before; there were HENDRICKSes in Cazenovia, Lenox, and Georgetown.
J. C. Holmes
Iowa Wright Co.
Jerome’s son again.
Giant Chemical Co.
Philadelphia PA
2 cent stamp
Columbia Mfg. Co.
49 Dearborn St. Chicago Ill.
I. L. Goff
Steuben Co. N.Y.
Ira L. GOFF was in 189th NY Vols.
Thomas H. Griffin
Steel C Minn
189th NY Vols.
Schultze Photo Equipment Co.
5 Chatham Sq NY [] Z
A. Lovell & Company
Hobbs Academic d[]
Thomas D. Dean
Oswego Co. NY
189th NY Vols.
Bret Cook
329 Norwich N.Y.
It certainly looks like Bret but probably should be Bert, Oliva’s brother in law again.
Geo. Stanton
Onondaga Co. N.Y.
[In] Country Gentleman
“The Cultivator & Country Gentleman” was a 19th century periodical, apparently published (1889 volume) in New York City. 1892 census shows four George Stantons in Onondaga County.

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  1. I believe Jabez’s wife Harriet was a daughter of Simeon SMITH, who according to this (ignore the death date there, they’ve mixed him up with Ezra’s son Simeon M. SMITH) was born 1779 in Walpole, NH, son of another Simeon (b. 1751), son of yet another Simeon. Meanwhile Horace SMITH was ( born in Cheshire, Massachusetts, son of Silas and Phebe SMITH. So there’s not much to lead one to suspect a connection there. As for Edwin F. SMITH, he could be another child of Simeon, or not. Simeon is one of a number of SMITHs buried at Hamilton Center Cemetery (close to Smith Road! as is Jabez’s first wife, Irene DIBBLE), but Edwin is buried at Poolville — even though he lived much closer to Hamilton Center.)

  2. In 1890 there was a George STANTON living in Earlville. (He was still there in 1893; see diary entry for 8 Dec, and Brookfield Courier for 20 Dec. So why does the address list say Onondaga County?) His wife, Annie E. LARKIN, was a niece of Oliva.

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