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7 Nov 2012

As it says in my own comment to my previous post, it appears the father of Harriet SMITH — Jabez HOLMES’s second wife — came from New Hampshire. But what about Edwin F. SMITH? I haven’t found any documentation linking him to Harriet. Just one hint I can come up with: He and his wife Hannah were buried at Poolville Rural Cemetery, even though they lived much closer to Hamilton Center Cemetery where members of Harriet’s SMITH family were buried. (Of course Harriet was buried in Silver Creek, Chautauqua County, having moved there a couple decades earlier.)

Edwin and Hannah lived near some other SMITHs according to the 1853 map: H. SMITH, J. D. F. Smith, P. H. SMITH, and Adon SMITH.

H. was probably Hyleman, J. D. F. appears as such in the 1850 census, and P. H. would have been Preston H. SMITH. Preston died in 1898, and there wasn’t much in the newspaper death notice, but there was a biographical sketch in the Utica Morning Herald the preceding year.

Unfortunately it doesn’t identify his parents, but it does say his father bought the property Preston lived most of his life on in 1813. Maybe there’s a record of that transaction to be found.

But this is getting a little off the track. Why do I care if Edwin was related to Harriet? Just because Jabez and Harriet’s son Chauncy came to Hamilton from Silver Creek a couple of times and visited Edwin and Hannah’s daughter, Rosaltha, who married Chester CURTIS. If Harriet was not related to Edwin then this would hint that Hannah was indeed related to Jabez — that she was the Hannah HOLMES alluded to, though erroneously described as a daughter of Henry HOLMES, in the Peter HOLMES genealogy. That would also explain why Jerome HOLMES was known to have visited the CURTISes — though since he lived nearby, he may have needed no better reason than friendship. (And what about his son’s, my grandfather’s, name: Clarence Edwin HOLMES? Coincidence, or partly named after Edwin SMITH? Possible, but not convincing. The first name wasn’t after anyone I know about.)

But all that’s a rather roundabout and circumstantial way of addressing the question of Hannah, and it finally occurred to me I’ve had a more direct way possibly available for a couple of weeks, ever since I found out what became of Rosaltha, and in particular since I found her obituary.

I can get her death record from Poolville (or the state), and it might have her mother’s maiden name on it. So I’m pursuing that.


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