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Relatives? Maybe not.

15 Nov 2012

From what I can tell, the CURTISes were one of the few families Chauncey HOLMES called on when visiting Hamilton from Silver Creek, but not the only one. From the Madison County Leader and Observer, 8 August, 1918, p. 3, under the “HAMILTON” heading:

Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Holmes are visiting relatives in Hamilton this week.

and under “Poolville”:

Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis and son of Kenwood, Chancy [sic] Holmes of Silver Creek and Mrs. Hattie Tripp of Hamilton were recent callers at the home of Henry Thompson.

Now, by “in Hamilton” they probably mean in the village, not the town, and so the “relatives” aren’t necessarily the JARVISes and the THOMPSONs; in fact, they’re probably Hattie TRIPP (Chauncey’s sister) and family. But were the JARVISes and the THOMPSONs relatives?

It’s surprising how much you can figure out about their families in just a few minutes of searching,,, and Google Books. Near as I can tell:

The JARVISes were Norman O. and Rachel (HARVEY) JARVIS and son Clarence. Norman (1860–1935) was son of Richard JARVIS (1819–1894) and Harriet (BUCKMAN) JARVIS (1825–1867) of Stockbridge, Madison, New York. He had a sister, Gertie (JARVIS) DART, in Hubbardsville and before that, Hamilton Center. Richard JARVIS was son of Richard JARVIS and Mary COPPENS. He and Harriet BUCKMAN were both born in England.

Rachel HARVEY was daughter of William HARVEY and Anne SEABROOK, both natives of England.

Henry THOMPSON’s parents were from Vermont. His wife was Helen DUNHAM, daughter of Alpha DUNHAM (1800–1893). Alpha’s wives were: (1) Honora CAMPBELL (2)  Freelove MATHEWSON (3) Susan E. STACEY ANDERSON. His parents were Hazael DUNHAM and Abigail ROWLEY.

So there’s no clear sign either the JARVIS or THOMPSON families were related to Chancy and Hattie.



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