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19 Nov 2012

Four days before mentioning his Aunt Ann’s death, Jerome mentioned a marriage in his diary:

“Chauncey Munson married to-day 15 Francelia Sweet”

Chauncey MUNSON (ca 1858 NY–?) had parents Salman B. MUNSON (1825 Conn.–1898) and Harriette M. SCHELL (1831 NY –1916). Salman’s parents were Chauncey MUNSON (1800 Conn.–1891) and Huldah BEECHER (1804 NY–1881). I see no indication of a family relationship between Jerome and Chauncey. Myron A. Munson, The Munson Record: a genealogical and biograhical account of Captain Thomas Munson (a pioneer of Hartford and New Haven) and his descendants (New Haven, Connecticut: Printed for the Munson Association, 1895) gives 15 August 1888 as the marriage date for Chauncey and Francelia, but clearly that’s wrong.

A week later, Jerome mentions “Uncle Munson”:

“helped Uncle Munson set up hop poles”

But “Uncle Munson” was not actually Jerome’s uncle! The elder Chauncey MUNSON is referred to as “Uncle Chauncey or grandfather Munson as he is usually called…” in the Brookfield Courier, July 24, 1889. (In an article possibly written by Jerome! The diary tells us he was writing something — I’d guess these notes under the South Hamilton heading — for the Courier at that time.)

“Munson” — not always clear which one — is a name mentioned frequently in this diary, but apparently because the Munsons were neighbors and friends, not because they were relatives. As the 1875 map of Hamilton shows, “C Munson” and “S B Munson” were in South Hamilton in Lot 72, just a few houses away from “J Holmes”.


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