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Plymouth ancestors

22 Nov 2012

Here’s something I worked up for my son today: a chart of Jerome HOLMES’s Plymouth Colony ancestors. (Click the thumbnail below to get to the high resolution PDF version.) People in color were in Plymouth during the first century or so of the colony. The ones in red came on the Mayflower, and the ones in green either arrived on later ships or were born there. William and Alice MULLENS, shown with a dark border, did not survive the first winter; the rest of the ones in red were, presumably, participants in the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving 391 years ago.


Notice a few people appear twice due to being in Jerome’s ancestry on two different lines.

On Jerome’s mother’s side he descends from Deacon John ROGERS. He has been said to have been a son of Thomas ROGERS and Joan HURST; Joan married (2nd) John TILLEY and came with him to Plymouth on the Mayflower. (The Thomas ROGERS who was a Mayflower passenger was no relation.) However there apparently is no real evidence of Joan being John’s mother, and John and his descendants lived in Weymouth, so I haven’t shown that line on the chart.

There may be many other Plymouth ancestors of Jerome’s and/or mine, of course. These are the ones I know of.



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