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Treetops, Generation 6

30 Nov 2012

I decided I’d go beyond my Holmes line a bit. Well, more than a bit, I guess.

According to my software I have 179 “treetops” — couples or individuals whose parents aren’t known. (It rather confusingly lists both members of a couple as a single “treetop” if none of their parents are known.) Some of these are probably kind of dodgy, in that they’re from some GEDCOM or hundred year old genealogy or something that may or may not withstand scrutiny. (On Thanksgiving I nuked one such couple, allegedly Mayflower passengers — actually she was but he wasn’t, having died earlier, and neither has adequately been proven to be parent of the child I had them linked to.) Very few are ones I’ve researched personally. So let’s take a look at them, shall we? Not all 179 at once. A few at a time.

Will this be exciting? Mostly no. But a useful exercise for me, I think.

I have names, maybe even correct names, for all my ancestors through the most recent six generations (counting me as generation 1). In generation 6 we start hitting treetops:

Barbara Maybill (COOK) (ca. 1784–1860)

Parentheses here will indicate a married name; I don’t know her maiden name. I’m not too sure about her first names either. GGG grandfather John COOK’s wife’s name  — I assume she was his wife, she was living with him — was given as “Maybill” in the 1855 New York State census. In the 1850 Federal census and in the 1860 census’s mortality schedule it’s “Barbary”. “Barbara” on the death certificate for their daughter Rhoda. I’ve rather speculatively entered her in the database as “Barbara Maybill (COOK)” based on that information. She was born in Rhode Island and lived in Norwich, Chenango, NY.

John DUNN (ca. 1762–?) & Ruth RECORD (ca. 1767–?)

I know almost nothing else about these two. Source is George Knapp Collins, Descendants of John Collins, of Charlestown, R. I., and Susannah Daggett, His Wife, Gazette Print (Baldwinsville, NY, 1901). Their daughter Anna was born 1792 in Rhode Island.

Nancy SIMMONS (ca. 1774–1850)

She’s in the 1850 Federal census mortality schedule, and there’s a gravestone. The mortality schedule says she was born in Connecticut though the 1880 census entry for her son Jerome BELDEN says his mother was born in Massachusetts. Her husband, Daniel BELDEN, was born in Massachusetts and their first child was born in Connecticut, so either is plausible.

Jane GAY (1797–1875)

She was from Dutchess County, NY and married Eliab HOAG. That’s about it.

Hans ANDERSEN (1784–bef. 1845) & Anne PEDERSDATTER (1796–?)

Recent treetops, in the sense that I found them just last year. She was born in Marslev, Odense, Denmark, and their son Peder HANSEN was born in Agedrup, Odense. 19th century Danish genealogy turns out to be easier than I expected, since they had fairly frequent censuses and there are baptismal records for just about everyone. But 18th century is another matter. I don’t know a thing about how to proceed.

Anders HANSEN (ca. 1801–?)

Born in Brendekilde, Odense; married in Lumby, Odense; one child born in Munkebo, Odense; another born in Ubberud, Odense.

Jens JACOBSEN (?–?) & Marie LARSDATTER (?–?)

Mysterious! I only know their son was born 1826 in Refs-Vindinge, Svendborg, Denmark; they lived nearby in Flødstrup; and they moved later to Fåborg, Ribe.

Ane Kirstine JØRGENSDATTER (1802–?)

Born in Vejlby, Odense.

Alexander KINLOCH (?–bef. 1850) & Mary Ann STARK (1801–?)

Both were born in Scotland, but I don’t know where. They had six children born in Scotland, and then their seventh was born 1836 in Montréal, Québec, Canada. By 1850 Mary was living with two of her children but not her husband in Troy, Rensselaer, New York; I assume she was a widow. I haven’t found her in a later census.

Alvah HUNT (?–?) & Caroline TOWNE (?–?)

Their daughter’s death certificate says Alvah was born in Argyle, Washington, New York and Caroline in Nassau, Rensselaer, New York, near where their daughter was born. They’re named in Charles Wells Hayes, George Hayes of Windsor and His Descendants, Baker, Jones & Co. (Buffalo, New York, 1884).

That’s Generation 6.


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  1. Maybe Alexander KINLOCH isn’t a treetop after all. A tree on gives his parents as George KINLOCH and Susannah WIGELSWORTH. No documentation of this relationship is shown but George did have a son named Alexander according to his will; Alexander named his first son George and a later son Alexander George; and George’s daughter Maria married James STARK, perhaps a relative of Alexander’s wife Mary Ann STARK. Looks promising.

    Susannah WIGELSWORTH’s father came from Ireland apparently. If this is right then it’s the first possible Irish ancestry I’ve found.

  2. From Caroline HUNT died 9 Nov 1858, age 46. In there are no TOWNEs buried in Renssealaer County born before 1834, but some TOWNs including a couple, John and Lois, who died in 1844 and 1842; Lois was 62.

  3. And one thing I didn’t mention because it’s a fact I keep forgetting: Caroline TOWNE is my female line treetop — my mother’s mother’s (Bertha CURRIER’s) mother’s (Augusta HAYES’s) mother’s (Angeline HUNT’s) mother.

  4. Michol Atwater permalink

    Many of the names you are mentioning (Hunt, Hayes, Currier, are family names in East Nassau and Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY. Look on old maps online and you will see where some of them lived. I came across this website searching for Alexander Kinloch, b. 1792 in Scotland and died 1848. His children by Mary Ann Stark were George, b. 1820; John b 1821; William b. 1823; Charles b. 1825; Ellen b. 1828; Mary b. 1831 (all children born in Scotland) and Alexander b. 1836 in Canada. My interest in Mary B. 1831. She married Benjamin Frank Currier (b. 1831 in NH) They settled in North Nassau area of Rensselaer County NY. They had 12 children.

    • I have information on only nine children (Charles Alfred b. 1853, Anna Amanda b. 1855, Mary Hellen b. 1860, Luella L. b. 1863, Benjamin Franklin b. 1867, Alexander Edwin b. 1870, Jennie Etta b. 1872, Lottie May b. 1875, and Arthur b. ca. 1878). Only the first eight of these appear in Philip Joseph Currier, Currier Family Records of USA and Canada (he writes “family record was written by Mary (Kinloch) Currier supplied by Stanley P. Currier…”) but Arthur appears with the family in the 1880 census, listed as a son.

      The younger Benjamin Franklin CURRIER was my great grandfather.

      Do you have any thoughts on whether Alexander was son of George and Susannah? There seem to be reasons in favor of thinking so, see above. On the other hand George was from Edinburgh (and later Arbuthnot); Alexander and Mary were married in Glasgow ( and Mary KINLOCH was born in Glasgow. Glasgow and Edinburgh are about 40 miles apart. Given that Alexander and family moved to Montreal and later Troy, I suppose it’s not too much of a stretch to have him previously move from Edinburgh to Glasgow, but still, with no records I am aware of placing Alexander in Edinburgh at all, the geography doesn’t do much in favor of the identification.

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