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Treetops, Generation 7

2 Dec 2012

Lucretia (HOLMES) (ca 1727–1820)

Samuel HOLMES’s wife’s name was Lucretia. There’s no documentation of her family, but a 1905 biographical sketch says was Lucretia BILL, who was a daughter of Thomas BILL and Abigail (BILL). The 1867 History of the Bill Family traces Thomas back to John BILL, the 17th century immigrant ancestor, and an online family database traces the line further back to William BILL (1505-1561), but no additional sources are cited. Abigail’s parents are unknown. For now my database has Lucretia at the treetop, but the BILL connection may be correct.

Esther DOUGLASS (?–?)

I have no information on her besides her name; she was wife of Peter CHAPEL (b. 1743) and they lived in Montville, New London, Connecticut.

Stephen PERRY (?–?) & Elizabeth BORDEN (?–?)

Parents of Sarah PERRY (1766–1832), wife of Solomon COLLINS, according to the Collins genealogy.

Dorcas (BELDEN) (1751–1773)

Joseph Nettleton Belden, The Story of Family of James Belden, says her maiden name was SIMONDS; an entry in the Ancestral File gives it as GOODRICH.

Susannah WHEELER (ca. 1756–1848)

Wife of Nehemiah HOAG.

Christian PEDERSEN (?–?) & Karen HANSDATTER (?–?)

Back to the Danish branch for these. Parents of Kirsten Marie CHRISTIANSDATTER (ca 1802–?), born in Stige, Lumby, Odense.

Jesse HARDY (?–?) & Abigail (HARDY) (?–?)

No data on them. Daughter Anna (1789–?) married Sylvanus CURRIER.

William KITTLE (?–?) & Mary CARR (?–?)

Again, no further data. Daughter Rebecca (1788–1879) married William HAYES.



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