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Jerome’s address list, unanswered questions

6 Dec 2012

There’s not much new to say about the people on Jerome HOLMES’s 1893 address list, but I wanted to summarize here the state of things:

Jerome Holmes’s 1893 address list

Entry Notes
Miles Newton COLLINS family relative.
J. C. Holmes Son of Jerome.
E. S. Davis ???
Bert Cook COOK family relative.
Corydon W. Holmes Son of Peter HOLMES.
Lovilo N. Holmes Another son of Peter HOLMES.
Sabina Dewey Possibly distant DUNN family relative. More likely some unknown connection.
Mrs R. M. Palmer Former neighbor.
John Fields ???
Clarence Holmes Son of Jerome.
Mrs. Col. Burr 189th NY Vols.
Arnold Pope Former neighbor, and connected by marriage to Peter HOLMES.
Adolphus Newton Banker?
A. J. Root Equipment supplier?
James J. Belden Member of the House of Representatives.
Henry S. Lee ???
Arthur B. West “Trustee of H. Smith” ???
Mrs. M Hendrick Former neighbor?
I. L. Goff 189th NY Vols.
Thomas H. Griffin 189th NY Vols.
Thomas D. Dean 189th NY Vols.
Geo. Stanton COLLINS family relative.

Some notes:

There was an Alvin Miles NEWTON who married a sister of Oliva COLLINS HOLMES. I don’t know if Adolphus NEWTON was related. But an Adolphus NEWTON of Norwich was employed by the Norwich Loan Association. In 1909 he turned himself in when his embezzling activities came to light; he was offered a suspended sentence but refused, insisting on serving his prison term. He was released in 1910 in ill health, and died soon after.

I haven’t fully figured out Mrs. M HENDRICK of Allegan County, Michigan, but in January 1893 wrote in his diary “Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. [? looks like Ahronter] here to tea”.


As mentioned before, I’m particularly puzzled about Henry S. LEE, Arthur B. WEST, and H[orace]. SMITH; apparently they were connected with the Chicopee National Bank in Springfield, MA, but why would Jerome have any connection with that institution?

Who was E. S. DAVIS?

What was Jerome’s connection with John FIELDS?

Was Sabina DEWEY just a distant relative via the DUNN surname, or did she have some other connection?

Did A. J. ROOT sell soldering equipment to Jerome, or was there some other reason for listing him?

Who was Mrs. M. HENDRICK?



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  1. And he “Wrote to Arthur B. West” the day after Mrs. Hendrick came to tea! Well, probably coincidence. He didn’t say what he wrote about. But I’m not done reading that diary.

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