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Treetops, Generation 8

9 Dec 2012

Joanna BATES (unknown–unknown)

She was wife of Elijah COOK (1713–1790) who was born in Mendon and died in Gloucester, Massachusetts. My source says they were married 1739 in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Elizabeth STEVENS (1721–1813)

Wife of John ALDRICH of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Mary DAVIS (unknown–unknown)

Wife of Solomon HOXIE (1711-1781), may have lived in Hopkinton, Rhode Island.

Sylvanus NOYES (unknown–unknown) & Phebe CHASE (unknown–unknown)

Daughter Rebecca married Benjamin CURRIER of South Hampton, New Hampshire.

Mary HALCOMB (unknown–unknown)

Wife of William HAYES (1725–unknown) of Windsor and Simsbury, Connecticut.

Jonathan BOUGHTON (1710–1785) & Abigail NICHOLS (1714–unknown)

Also of Simsbury, Connecticut.



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