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Treetops, Generation 9

21 Jan 2013

Berthia DART (?–?)

Wife of Joseph CHAPEL and presumably a resident of New London County, CT, according to Baker’s History of Montville. Nothing else in my database on her.

Peter COMSTOCK (?–?) & Martha AVERY (?–?)

These were the in-laws of Berthia and Joseph’s son Jonathan CHAPEL. Again, presumably residents of New London. Note that there were Comstocks in 19th century Hamilton, NY alongside my HOLMES ancestors; they may have had common ancestors in the 17th century.

Jabez GIFFORD (?–?) & Dinah SHELDON (?–?)

Some family trees on show Dinah SHELDON as daughter of John SHELDON and Deliverance PALMER but with no reliable sources.

Elizabeth SPRINGER (1711–1772)

Wife of John HOAG. A HOAG genealogy gives her dates but nothing else.

Benjamin MOSHER (ca 1711–?) & Sarah TRIPP (ca 1716–?)

Also from the HOAG genealogy.

Ruth (BROWN) 

BROWN was her first husband’s name; her second, my ancestory, was Jeremiah MAIN. Their children were born in Stonington, New London, CT in 1700 and 1708.

Sarah BUTLER (1680–1760)

Wife of Thomas WORDIN. Daughter Abigail was born in Stonington in 1709.

Kirsten BERTHELSDATTER (ca 1680–1729)

Born and died in Vejlby, Odense, Denmark; wife of Peder ANDERSEN (1676–1707). Source is Ancestral File, so I don’t trust it much.

Hans LAURITZSEN (ca 1720–?)

Son Lauritz was born in Vejlby. Ancestral File again.

Niels JENSEN (ca 1714–?) & Maren HANSDATTER (ca 1717–?)

Daughter Anna Maria born in Kavslunde, Odense. Ancestral File again.

Joanna LEE (1702–1748)

Born Westfield, Massachusetts and died Simsbury, Connecticut. Wife of William HAYES. Source is 1884 Hayes genealogy.



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  1. Benjamin MOSHER and Sarah TRIPP have been untreetopped with one of Benjamin’s lines going back to the Mayflower. Their treetops are included in comments to Treetops, Generation 10 and in subsequent (future) Treetops posts.

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