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CHAPEL, maybe

27 Feb 2013

Aside from the confirmation of my maternal grandfather’s VAN HUSUM connection, maybe the most interesting thing in my Family Finder results is one of my “remote cousin matches” — or actually two of them, but they’re mother and son. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to such remote matches, but I did notice they have a surname of interest: an ancestor named Eunice CHAPEL, born about 1798 in CT and married to William Champion Brockway from Lyme, CT.

My ancestor Nathan HOLMES was born in Montville, CT, not far from Lyme, and he married Grace CHAPEL of Montville. To add to the interest, Nathan and Grace named one of their daughters Eunice.

I wrote to my match and she responded that CHAPEL is not definite for Eunice’s maiden name. One indication in favor is that in 1860, according to the census, she was visiting in the household of Ezra S. CHAPELL — who named one of his daughters Eunice. William BROCKWAY had a brother, Christopher BROCKWAY, who married Christiana CHAPEL, Jun 1806, Lyme; they named one of their daughters (wait for it!) Eunice.

Baker’s History of Montville shows only one brother of Grace, Peter CHAPEL, who I believe is likely to be the Peter CHAPEL who is buried in Poolville Cemetery, Town of Hamilton, Madison County, NY. That Peter was born April 18, 1780, and I suspect he was in Poolville by about 1810. So I doubt he was this Eunice’s father. In that case Eunice would have had to have been no closer than a cousin to my Grace.

Eunice must have been a fairly common name then, I guess, because I noticed in searching through Baker he mentions no fewer than seven CHAPEL men who married women named Eunice. So perhaps there’s less to this than it might appear. But maybe…


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