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In possession of my rational faculties

9 Mar 2013

Looking further into the wills and estate records of various SMITHs I discovered those of Charles SMITH, ca 1774–1848, and he turns out to be the father of Edwin F. SMITH! Other children of Charles are Hyleman, Landon, Alnora; grandchildren are named as is Alnora’s husband Daniel YOUNGLOVE.

From census records, Charles’s children were born in Madison County. But Landon didn’t stay there. Documents in the estate records show he was in Painesville, Lake County, Ohio, and from the census we find he was a postmaster there in 1860, and in 1870 and 1880 an ice dealer. More to the point, in 1880 the census asked for the birthplace of each person’s parents, and Landon’s parents both are said to have been from Connecticut.

And… there’s a family tree on that says he was a brother of Simeon SMITH; both were sons of Ephraim SMITH, who died 1822 in Hamilton Center. They don’t cite sources for the family relation, and there is no will or estate record for Ephraim in the indexes online. Ephraim, Simeon, and Charles are all buried at Hamilton Center, though (according to, so it seems plausible. I don’t know, but I suspect the tree was built on assumptions based on the cemetery information.

If Charles and Simeon were indeed brothers then Rosaltha (SMITH) CURTIS and Chauncey HOLMES were second cousins on the SMITH sides. Is that close enough to account for Chauncey’s visit to Rose? It’s still possible Rosaltha’s mother Hannah was a daughter of Nathan HOLMES, making her Chauncey’s first cousin on that side of the family, a more plausible basis for a visit, I’d say. But I need better evidence than that.


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  1. The owner of the tree says the family relations are uncertain. Sounds like the only evidence is burial proximity. Note that in the 1880 census both Harriet and Pheobe said their parents were born in New York.

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