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Hiram!! Hanner?? Ann?

12 Mar 2013

Two receipts from the estate records for David MUIR, who died in 1836 in Hamilton, Madison, NY:

Hiram Homes [sic] receipt

(The name “H. Holmes”, with the “l”, is written on the back.) That is, presumably, the autograph of my 2nd great grandfather, the first one I’ve found.

Hanner [sic] Holmes receipt

(The name “Hanner Holmes” appears also in a list elsewhere in the estate records.) It certainly looks like “Hanner”. Could this be the same woman later known as Hannah SMITH? I don’t know when Edwin and Hannah married but their first child was born 1841.

Here’s the above signature and that of Hannah SMITH from Edwin’s estate records:

Signatures from 1837 and 1869

Not overwhelmingly alike and in fact the start of the H is distinctly different. Then again, there’s 32 years’ difference between the two.

I don’t know.

David MUIR owned the half of Lot 83 that includes where Nathan HOLMES Jr. was living in 1853. MUIR died intestate and his property went to his widow Ann. In 1867 Nathan’s widow, also named Ann, apparently owned part of this same land jointly with Horatio G. SHOLES. So the question: Could Nathan’s widow and David’s be the same woman? Again I don’t know the marriage date but Nathan and Ann’s first child was born 1845. From burials in Earlville Cemetery the records are as follows:

PLUMB, Beulah L.	d. 13 Oct 1888 ae 54yr

HOLMES, Ann, wf Nathan	d. 19 Aug 1883 ae 80yr
	Nathan		d. 14 Mar 1856 ae 45yr
	Mott		d. 10 Apr 1866 se 21yr

MUIR, David		d. 6 Jan 1836 ae 34yr

I presume this reflects the layout of the graves: the HOLMES family with Beulah PLUMB (who was a daughter of Ann and David MUIR — probably — Smith’s “History of Chenango and Madison Counties” says she was the daughter of a different David MUIR, who lived in Lenox and died in 1854, but her name and age correspond to a known daughter of this David) on one side and David MUIR on the other, and no sign of a separate Ann MUIR. I’ll buy it.


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