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14 Mar 2013

I’m looking at land records involving the SMITHs, and I found these:

  • Madison County deed book B p. 83, 9 Apr 1807 Noah TORRY and Abigail his wife conveyed to Simeon SMITH of Salem, Washington County, NY, 100 acres in Lot 36. I knew Simeon SMITH [Harriet (SMITH) HOLMES’s father] came from Washington County, but I don’t think I had documentation of where in that county he was.
  • Madison County deed book L p. 38, 5 Dec 1810 Simeon SMITH Jr. and Phebe SMITH his wife [Harriet (SMITH) HOLMES’s parents] conveyed to Asa BEAL 25 acres in Lot 25. (These records are available online at Note the “Jr.”; also note that there is no “Jr.” or “Sr.” designation on the 9 Apr 1807 transaction, nor a wife’s name.

So was Simeon son of another Simeon? In fact it looks like he was son of another Simeon who himself was son of a third Simeon:

From vital records for Warren, MA: “Simeon, s. Simeon and Lucy, Aug. 11, 1751”.

The October 1834 pension application for Simeon SMITH of Erie County, PA says he was born 1751 in Brookfield, MA [actually Warren; Simeon and Lucy moved to Brookfield by 1754 when son Joel was born]; he enlisted in the Revolutionary War in Walpole, NH; after the war he moved to Salem, NY, then Madison County, NY and lived there 8 or 10 years, then to Pembroke, NY, and finally to Erie County, PA where he was buried.

According to a researcher, the vital records of Walpole, NH show Simeon SMITH, Jr. son of Simeon SMITH born baptized 3 Jan 1779. (These vital records don’t seem to be online.) This is consistent with the age at death of Simeon SMITH buried at Hamilton Center.

I think this (pending verification of Walpole records) is adequate evidence that Harriet’s father Simeon Jr. was the son born 1779 in Walpole, NH of the Simeon born 1751 in Warren, MA.

(Edit: Paragraph added)

As for Charles SMITH: He (or someone of that name in the 16–25 age bracket) appears as head of household in Hamilton in the 1800 census. Ephraim SMITH (45 and over) appears on the next line, and Whealer SMITH (16–25) on the next. In 1810 C SMITH (26–44) and E SMITH (45+) appear on consecutive lines, and J SMITH (26–44), S SMITH (26–44) and E SMITH (26–44) are on consecutive lines on a different page. These presumably are Charles and Ephraim, and Simeon and his brothers Ezra and John. Two D SMITHs also appear in Hamilton, on the page before C and E SMITH. In 1820 David, Charles, and Nehemiah SMITH appear on the same page, and Ephraim SMITH on the next page, but not on consecutive or very nearby lines. Simeon and Ezra SMITH appear three pages later, six lines apart.

Furthermore, the Walpole records don’t show a son named Charles. Charles SMITH, father of Edwin, was born ca. 1874. The earliest birth to Simon and Lucy in the Walpole records is 1775. It’s possible Charles was born to that couple somewhere else — perhaps even Connecticut, which is where Edwin’s brother Landon said his parents were born (in the 1880 census). But it’s really starting to look doubtful. (Edit: Sentence added.) Instead Charles, and perhaps David, are looking a lot like sons of Ephraim.



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