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Poolville Rural Cemetery

28 Apr 2014

Yes, it’s been a while. I haven’t been doing much genealogy the past several months. But I spent the weekend in western Otsego County (NY) and decided to come home via Poolville, with a stop at Poolville Rural Cemetery.

Which you’ll have trouble finding if you go to Google Maps; they don’t have it marked. On top of that there’s no data signal there, at least not on the Sprint network. I hadn’t been there in some years and couldn’t quite remember where it was, so I did some driving around before finding it. It’s here.2014-04-27 17.19.29Coordinates are about: 42°46’06.5″N 75°30’14.0″W.

There’s bad news for Hiram Holmes. When I’d been there previously his gravestone clearly had been cemented together after being broken off at the base and in half. Since then the repair work has failed; the stone is down and in two pieces. 2014-04-27 17.03.20

According to my GPS photo tag, the stone is at 42°46’7.13″N, 75°30’17.9″W. It’s near the north edge of the cemetery. Here are a couple of views of the stone’s setting.2014-04-27 17.03.53 2014-04-27 17.04.51

The gravestone of Hiram’s mother Grace is still standing. But it’s nearly illegible, and it seems to me more unreadable than it was last time I looked at it. Maybe I’m imagining that… but I don’t think so. Here’s a picture from today:2014-04-27 17.11.48

Compare that to this picture from the late 1990s:Grace_stoneIt says “In Memory of Grace wife of Nathan Holmes Died Jan 30 1840 [ae] 69 Years”, and I think you can tell from the older picture that the husband’s first name was Nathan and not, as it says in William H. Tuttle’s Names and Sketches of the Pioneer Settlers of Madison County, New York (ed. Isabel Bracy, Heart of the Lakes (Interlaken, NY)), “Needham”. Today, standing in person in front of the stone, I’m not sure I could convince you of that. I didn’t take care to get a good GPS reading of this or some of the other stones, unfortunately; Grace is closer to the front of the cemetery, further south than Hiram. Setting:2014-04-27 17.17.52 2014-04-27 17.19.01

I located a few relatives. Peter Chapel, presumably Grace’s brother, and his wife Susan:2014-04-27 17.09.39

They’re south of Grace and I think a row further east. Next to them is their daughter Sally. I believe the next stone to the right is another child of Peter and Susan, but it was mostly illegible.2014-04-27 17.10.14

Jeremiah and Lydia Wickwire. Lydia was Grace’s sister. Near the front center of the cemetery.2014-04-27 17.10.37

Here are Clarissa Holmes and William Saunders. Also near the front of the cemetery, more toward the south; I think 42°46’5.97″N, 75°30’15.2″W might be accurate. I don’t know who Clarissa was; if you believe the birthdate, she was born (on exactly the same day as her husband!) 8 months 10 days after Hiram, implausible for a sister of his (and besides, the 1810 census shows only one daughter under age 10 for “N. Holmes”, and that would more likely be Eunice.) She may be completely unrelated. I should investigate more, though.2014-04-27 17.08.09


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