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Plaza on the brook

9 Jan 2015

You may recall Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth by William Thomas Davis says Reed Pond, where John HOLMES settled, was “what is now [1884] the low meadow above the railroad in the northeast corner of the land of Charles G. DAVIS.”

This 1874 map shows where Charles G. DAVIS’s land was, just north of Lothrop Street. Between Davis’s land and Nelson St., an N. HOLMES and an N. H. HOLMES owned property. The boundary between the two was close to a brook which presumably is Cold Spring Brook. (I wonder if by 1884 Charles DAVIS had bought up these HOLMES properties.) A Wm. S. HOLMES had property on Lothrop St.1874_north 1280

(Click image for larger version.)

I made an image overlay for Google Earth out of the relevant bit of the map (21 MB KMZ file); using it, you can see the brook runs right through the middle of the present day shopping plaza and the wooded area behind it, the latter being in or close to the aforesaid “northeast corner”.

There’s no sign of the brook at present. Anyway, that’s where the immigrant John HOLMES evidently lived.


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