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Jerome home, 1853… is futile

27 Jan 2015

One more thing: here’s the same area from the 1853 map:

h1853The two buildings on the west side of South Hamilton Road correspond to the ones marked H. Thayer and B.S.S. in 1859, while 1859’s D. C. Rees house isn’t here. So this confirms that REESE probably built a new house while perhaps renting out the existing one to Jerome.

Edit: Hang on, I just realized the house I’m interpreting as Jerome’s is shown as south of the property line! Confusion, confusion. I need to work on this a little more.

Edit: I give up! Here’s the same area — six of the rectangular town lots — from the 1853 map on the top and the 1859 map on the bottom. h5359One thing you notice right away is lot 86 is misnumbered as 84 in 1853. The other thing you notice is gross inconsistencies in positions and shapes between the two. The 1859 map can be overlaid with reasonable accuracy onto aerial/satellite views. The 1853 map, not so much. It’s so distorted I can’t tell which of the four buildings west of South Hamilton Road from the 1859 map correspond to the two on the 1853 map. My guess is the D. C. Rees house isn’t one of them, just because of its distance from the road not corresponding with the distances in 1853, and the B.S.S., which I still think corresponds with the existing house and is certainly on Jerome’s property, supposedly dates to 1800; even if that’s too old by half a century, it should be on the 1853 map. So I vote for that as one (drawn on the wrong side of the property line) and either H. Thayer or P. Chapel as the other. If so, as I said, “this confirms that REESE probably built a new house while perhaps renting out the existing one to Jerome” — but it’s a little too iffy for me to be sure.


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