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I’m beginning to like George

1 Mar 2015

So let’s just make the assumption for the moment that Barbara COOK’s maiden name was KING; what then?

She was born in Rhode Island about 1784; she probably would not have married John much before 1804. Their oldest child, Laban, was apparently born around 1804 or so.  (Rhoda was born in October 1805.) Since Gideon and family were in Norwich by 1800, the KINGs were almost certainly neighbors there, and not necessarily in Rhode Island.

There are no KINGs in Norwich for the 1790 census but there are three KING heads of household in Norwich for 1800: George, George, and John. The 1835 Pension Roll says all three served in the Revolution: John and one of the Georges were from Massachusetts and the other George was from Rhode Island. Land records in Chenango County confirm John was from Massachusetts and one George was from Rhode Island; specifically, Glocester — the same town Gideon COOK came from.

(There’s one George KING listed in each of the 1777 and 1782 Rhode Island state censuses and the 1790 Federal census for Rhode Island: all three are in Scituate, which is adjacent to Glocester.)

The Pension Roll says the Rhode Island George was born about 1746. The other George and John were younger.

In the 1800 census the older George’s household has one female age 16–25. The other two KING households have none in that age bracket, though John has two 10–15.

And do you know who’s on the very next line after the older George in the 1800 census, and therefore was probably one of his closest neighbors?

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.40.48 PMOne of the Georges wrote a will, naming his daughters. The wrong George, though. George of RI apparently didn’t, and there’s no other probate documents for him either that I can find at Nothing for him at

He’s not in any census after 1830. Nor are there obvious candidates for his widow.

Some Googling turns up a George KING born in Rhode Island in 1755 but nothing about one born nine years earlier.

So that’s all I’ve got. But it’s enough to get me interested.



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