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Some signatures (and a mark)

16 Feb 2016

Here’s the signature of Clarence E. Holmes (1875–1955):Signature Clarence

Clarence’s father, Jerome Holmes (1834–1912):Signature Jerome

Jerome’s father, Hiram Holmes (1804–1864):Signature Hiram

Hiram’s father, Nathan Holmes (ca. 1766–1850), or his brother, Nathan Holmes (ca. 1811–1856):Nathan Holmes signature in book - S00000

Nathan’s father, Samuel Holmes (1722–1774), wrote a will, but I don’t have a copy, nor of any other documents with his signature.

Samuel’s father, Elisha Holmes (1698–1779):Signature Elisha (Jr)

Elisha’s father, Elisha Holmes (1670–ca. 1753), wrote a will but the original doesn’t seem to be in the Plymouth probate files, nor do I have any other documents with his signature. [Edited 11 August 2018 to add: Elisha apparently was illiterate, as he signed as witness to the will of Joseph and Hannah Silvester by a mark.]

Elisha’s father, Nathaniel Holmes (ca. 1643–1727):Mark Nathaniel

There are no known signatures for Nathaniel’s father, John Holmes (1630–aft. 1651).

John’s father, Thomas Holmes (ca 1567–aft. 1637):Signature Thomasand that’s as far back as I have.


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