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Debt is forever

13 Nov 2016

I finally took a deep breath and dug into the image archive at for documents relating to John Holmes of Ramsden Bellhouse. There are four there, plus another document listed (though no image) at the British National Archives. All five are suits for debt. John might not have been so good with money.

Here’s one of the items, the first, from 1512. 1512-debt-crop(Click for full size version.) If you’re not sure what language it’s in, you’re in good company. But squint hard and you’ll see the name “John Holme”— no final s — of “Ramston Bellous”, and according to the index it says he’s a tailor, though I sort of have to take the transcriber’s word for that.1512-debt-supercrop

In the other four documents the final s is there, though with some other variations: “John Holmes of Rammesdon Belhouse, tailor” in 1521, “John Holmes of Ramesdon Belhouse, yeoman” in 1529, and “John Holmys of Ramsdon Belhouse, yeoman” and “John Halmes of Ramsden Bellhouse” in 1531. Again according to whoever transcribed them; I can pick out the name of John and his village, and that’s about it.1521-debt-supercrop



Anyway, if you want your name to go down in history, borrow money.



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