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6 Apr 2017

A Holmes researcher just wrote to call my attention to a new yDNA result. As seen here close to the bottom, ID H159, her father’s test result is haplogroup R-M269. He’s a descendant of George Holmes of Roxbury via Charles Holmes, born 1808 in Madison County, NY. Like my Madison County Holmes ancestors, Charles’s family came from New London County, CT (specifically Colchester), and like my immigrant ancestor John, George Holmes came from Essex County in England (specifically Nazing). But the descendants of John all test I-L160.

Of course one has to consider the possibility of a mistake in tracing H159 back to George, or of a non paternal event somewhere; confirming tests, preferably from people with no more recent common male line ancestor than George, would be needed to eliminate such caveats. But assuming this test is correct and it reflects George of Roxbury’s actual DNA, then he and John of Plymouth were unrelated.

No big surprise; Nazing’s not terribly close to Colchester in Essex, and there’s no evidence I know of to suggest any link between the two men beyond the Essex to New London to Madison counties migration routes. And we know a fair number of New London people went to Madison, so it’s not surprising two Holmeses did without their being cousins. Besides, Charles was in the 7th generation of George’s line and my approximately contemporary ancestor, Nathan, was in the 6th generation of John’s line — so even if they’d been cousins they’d have been quite remote ones.

But (if, again, there were no mistakes or NPEs) they weren’t cousins at all, not on the male line in genealogical time anyway. Apparently the Holmeses of Nazing and the Holmeses of Colchester were different families.


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