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A crack in the Dunn wall?

31 Jul 2017

I’ve been thinking about John DUNN and Ruth RECORD again lately, poking through FamilySearch (I’m not paying for at the moment). May have finally hit something.

This is to some degree because I recently got an email from someone researching BORDEN. Solomon COLLINS was a grandson of Elizabeth BORDEN, sometimes also spelled BURDEN apparently, and his first child was named Solomon Burden COLLINS.

While looking that up, though, I noticed his second child was Sally Bailey COLLINS. There don’t appear to be any BAILEYs in Solomon’s ancestry that I know of. (None of his grandparents, anyway; I’m missing one great grandmother’s surname.) But…

Anna DUNN was Solomon’s wife; John DUNN and Ruth RECORD were her parents, and I’ve started to persuade myself they were from Richmond, RI. There was a John DUNN there, and a John and a Comfort RECORDS, in the 1790 census as heads of household.

Were there BAILEYs? In 1790, heads of household named BAILEY lived in Kent (East and West Greenwich, Coventry, Little Compton), Providence, Newport (Newport, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Middletown), and Washington (North Kingston and… Richmond). Just one in Richmond, named Smith BAILY, on page 132, and the very next name in the census is: John RECORDS. Comfort RECORDS is four households further down.

Well, that’s interesting.

Smith BAILEY was born 1745 in Richmond, son of Richard BAILEY and Abigail WOODMANSEE. He seems not to be listed in the 1800 census. At Geni there are no wives or descendants listed for Smith, and the 132 descendants shown for Richard include no DUNNs or RECORDs. So I’m not sure yet what to make of this, but if this is coincidence it’s a whopper of one.

Speculation time? My hypothesis was:

Anna DUNN (b. 1792) had parents John DUNN and Ruth RECORD; parents of Ruth were John RECORD and Anna _____. John DUNN and Ruth RECORD probably were born ca. 1760 so John RECORD would have been born around 1730.

Presumably the BAILEY in the family, if there was one, wasn’t very far back, so … maybe Anna BAILEY was the name of the wife of John RECORD. Recall there was an Anna RECORD head of household in Richmond in 1800. She was over 45, and if she was Ruth’s mother she too would have been born probably around 1730 or so. Before Smith. Unhappily the known daughters of Richard BAILEY don’t include an Anna. Hm. Okay, the idea needs some work.


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