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A crack in the Dunn wall? (part 2)

1 Aug 2017

A little more digging. Per Findagrave, Comfort RECORD buried in Smyrna, Chenango, New York died 1850 age 82 (so born around 1768). He had a daughter Ruth RECORD (1792–1862) who married a BARBER and a son Joseph S. RECORD (1796–1862). Joseph was in the 1855 state census; he was born in Rhode Island. He was in Chenango by 1807. Could have been in Petersburg, Rensselaer, New York in 1800.

So this Comfort RECORD, who could be the same as the Richmond, RI head of household in 1790, had a daughter Ruth, but of course being the same age as Anna DUNN she’s sort of out of the running to be her mother. Then John RECORD of Richmond in 1790 is our best candidate for our Ruth RECORD’s father, and Anna RECORD of Richmond in 1800, born 1745 or earlier, could be Ruth’s mother. If so then Smith BAILY next door(ish) seemingly wasn’t her brother, but maybe he was a cousin. Alternately, perhaps Anna was John’s sister or other relative, and the second over-45 woman in Anna’s household was Ruth’s mother, one of Smith’s sisters.

Well, it all seems possible.

A John DUNN and a John P. DUNN (or DUN) household lived in Smyrna in 1810 and 1820; John P was still there in 1830. John was the elder of these, born 1765 to 1774; in 1810 there were two women 16–25 in his household. (Anna DUNN would have been 17 then; she married Solomon COLLINS in January 1820.)


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