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Ladies and Gentlemen

15 Feb 2018

This is apropos of nothing whatsoever, really, but I find it just interesting enough to mention it.

One of the Holmes in 15th century London was Sir Thomas Holme, Clarenceaux King of Arms from 1476–1493. Not necessarily any relation to my male line, but not necessarily not, either. A later holder of that office (1534–1536) was Thomas Tonge, who lived from 1480 to 1536. His wife Susanna White evidently was born about 1510 in Hutton, Essex and died around 1565. Since that seems to make her younger than Elizabeth Tonge, a daughter of Thomas born, almost certainly, before 1500, presumably she was not his first wife, but she’s the only one recorded.

Elizabeth also was married more than once. Her second husband was John Golding, and their third child was a daughter named Margery, born about 1526 in Belchamp St Paul, Essex. Elizabeth died in 1527 and John continued our trend by marrying again, to Ursula Marston. As for Margery, she married Edward de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford (1516–1562) as his (wait for it) second wife. She became the mother of the 17th Earl, and after the Earl died she (yep) married again, to Sir Charles Tyrrel (d. 1570). Sir Charles, if the information I have here is right (don’t count on it), was a great great grandson of William Tyrell, brother of the elder Humphrey Tyrell and uncle of the younger Humphrey, one of whom was one of the feoffees on William Holme’s property purchase in Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex, in 1499.

And as for Elizabeth’s first husband, he was Reginald Hammond, or Hammonde, or Hamonde, and he presumably is the same Reginald Hamonde, Gentleman, who wrote his will in 1514 in… Ramsden Bellhouse.

Ramsden Bellhouse seems a pretty small and insignificant place, but here it is connected with the Clarenceaux King of Arms and the Earl of Oxford. I have no evidence William Holme, presumed son Thomas, or the latter’s brother John (the humble and indebted tailor — indebted in 1529, in fact, to one Edward Tyrell; no guesses from me how he was related to Sir Charles) had anything to do with either, or with Reginald Hammond, but maybe they weren’t as isolated from the outside world as I thought.


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