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Descendants of Nathan

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Descendants of Jabez

Jabez had nine known children: three by his first wife, Irene DIBBLE, and six by his second, Harriet SMITH, who inherited land from a Simeon SMITH and may have been his daughter. (Jabez and Harriet sold that land to James SHORES, who was a son in law of Simeon.) Of these I have information on children of two, Franklin and Chauncey, and I know a third, Rosina, had children; I have been in touch with a researcher descended from her. Albert and (apparently) Helen died without issue. I have no information on children for the rest, nor know of any documentation of further descendants except a few descended from Chauncey. There probably are many more to be found.

Descendants of Peter

Peter married Rachel STOWELL and they had seven children. Lavinia died in childhood; the others had children. [Gordon] documents most of the descendants (as of the mid-1980s) of most of these, with the exception of those of Corydon HOLMES; those descendants are covered by [Sceva]. I have been in touch with several researchers who are (or whose spouses are) descended from Peter — one each through Cicero, John Wesley, and Lovilo, and three through Corydon (two through Archibald and one through Hosea Pope).

Descendants of Hiram

Hiram married Rhoda S. COOK and they had three children. Jerome was my ancestor, and ancestor of another researcher I have been in touch with. John died in childhood. Nancy had two children, but I am not aware that either had any issue.

Descendants of Eunice

Eunice married Joseph Francis EGGLESTON and they had four children, all of whom had children. I have been in touch with one researcher whose spouse is descended from Eunice through Helen EGGLESTON and another whose descent is through Mary Frances EGGLESTON, who have provided some information on Eunice’s descendants.

Descendants of Henry

Henry, who married Louisa J. HODGES, was Nathan’s most prolific son, with twelve known children. Of these, Harriet died at age 20 and I know of no issue; Herbert and Sarah died in childhood. Frederick, Helen, Albert, Franklin, and Morris had children; I have been in touch with a researcher descended from Frederick and another descended from Albert. I have no information on children of the other four, nor anything on any further descendants except some through Frederick. I’m sure there are many more.

Descendants of Nathan Jr.

Nathan Jr. married Ann _____ (apparently widow of David MUIR) and they had two known children. Mattice died at about age 21 with no known issue. Grace was married in 1873 but as of 1880 apparently had no issue; I have not found any records of her or her husband after that (except that Grace was living in 1883).

Descendants of Hannah

Hannah married Edwin F. SMITH and they had two known children. One was Charlie SMITH, who died at age 15. The other was a daughter, Rosaltha, who married and had issue.

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