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Nathan introduction

This document attempts to set out some of the ancestry, family, and descendants of Nathan HOLMES, who was born in Montville, New London County, Connecticut, lived most of his adult life in Hamilton, Madison County, New York, and died in Farmersville, Cattaraugus County, New York. Or at least so I claim! A skeptic might claim no such person has been proved to exist — or rather, that that “person” has not been proved not to be several different people. There is no known contemporary documentation of Nathan’s parentage, marriage, or children, and no account at all, contemporary or otherwise, linking Nathan to most of his presumed children. It might seem Nathan is, in other words, the proverbial genealogical brick wall. However, several years of effort have yielded enough hints and circumstantial evidence to constitute a consistent picture. For quite a while I considered my reconstruction of Nathan’s family as plausible but not proved — hence the title “Probably Nathan”. At this point I regard it as, more or less, proved. Some parts of the picture are unclear and some details may be wrong, but it is, I believe, correct for the most part.

I make no claim that I have exhausted the research possibilities connected with Nathan. This document is a work in progress, and will be revised as new information comes to light.

Some references are given; follow links on names in square brackets (e.g., [Tuttle1]) to see them, but in general I haven’t shown sources or detailed information on individuals here. That information is available if you want it; contact me.

Many of the locations mentioned here are marked on this map.

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