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Summary: Nathan’s life and family

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What follows by way of summation is a sketch of the life of Nathan HOLMES. Again, though much is inferred through circumstantial evidence, I believe it is substantially correct.

Nathan HOLMES was born about 1766 in the North Parish of the Town of New London, New London County, Connecticut — an area that later was split off into a new town called Montville. His father was Samuel HOLMES; his mother was Lucretia BILL. Nathan was one of eleven children of Samuel. His father died around 1774, but his mother lived until about 1820. Nathan married Grace CHAPEL, who was born about 1770, daughter of Peter CHAPEL and Esther DOUGLASS. At least five children and perhaps eight or more were born to them in Montville, including: Jabez, born 1795; Peter, born about 1797; Hiram, born 1804; Eunice, born about 1806; Henry, born 1809; and probably three other girls born before 1800.

In late 1809 or early 1810 the family relocated to somewhere near the village of Poolville in the Town of Hamilton, Madison County, New York. There Nathan and Grace had at least one or two more children: Nathan, born about 1811; and perhaps Hannah, born about 1815. Jabez, Hiram, Nathan Jr., and Hannah stayed in or near Poolville most of their lives, but Peter went first to Wyoming County, and later to Farmersville, Cattaraugus County, both in New York; Eunice went to Cortland, Cortland County, New York; and Henry went first to Vernon, Oneida County and then to Greenfield Center, Saratoga County, both in New York.

In 1840 Grace died. Sometime in the following decade Nathan went to live with Peter in Farmersville; he may have been blind in his last years. He died in 1850.

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